Skin Conditions

Nothing is worse than itchy sore feet. It may be that you have cracks and redness between your toes, scaly dry skin underneath your feet or even a funny looking rash on your shins. Either way the problem is driving you mad. There are literally hundreds of conditions which can cause skin to misbehave. They can be caused by skin fungi (dermatophytes) or bacteria or it can even be your own immune system which is the trigger. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Most skin conditions on the lower limb and foot can easily be resolved. Some may be more serious and require oral medication or prescription creams.

If your skin is sore, irritated or just doesn’t look right, then why not make an appointment at foot health podiatry and I’ll take a look and offer advice.

Some common skin conditions:

•    Athlete’s foot/Tinea Pedis (various sub types)
•    Dermatitis
•    Psoriasis
•    Eczema
•    Pitted Keratolysis

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