Foot & Leg Pain

Whether you are struggling to enjoy your usual sporting activities or are just swearing under your breath when going about your everyday business, foot or leg pain is nasty and usually means that something is not as it should be! It might be that you have injured a particular area or are suffering because certain muscles are overworked or tendons and ligaments are being put under strain. It might even be the case that you have one leg shorter than the other! Either way, trying to get around on feet and legs which hurt is absolutely no fun at all and you shouldn’t have to put up with it.

There are huge forces which transfer through your feet and legs when you walk and even greater ones when you run. Feet have a great number of complex joint structures which all must work in a very sophisticated way during gait. Our feet have to adapt to uneven ground surfaces, whilst taking the weight of our body and propelling us forwards all at the same time. As well as this, we very often insist on wearing shoes which may look lovely but aren’t exactly ideal in practical terms.  It’s no wonder that foot and leg pain is so very common.

At the Foot Health Podiatry Clinic we offer a biomechanical assessment service. This appointment will probably take about an hour and will examine various aspects of your foot and lower limb function. It will identify any slight structural abnormalities or joint limitations as well as muscle weakness and foot function. Advice will be offered and a discussion will take place to try to determine if any shoe inserts (orthotics) or other device will be beneficial.

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