General Footcare appointments  and all  Initial appointments 
Including assessment and treatment provided for nails, callus, corns £28
OAP disc’ £25

Simple Nail Cut (15 mins appointment)
A ‘quickie appointment where nails just need a trim £15

Foot pain and biomechanical consultation (40 mins) £40
Podiatrist will discuss symptoms and undertake a simple static and dynamic assessment of the lower limb

Specialist  Diabetic assessment    £35
A 40 min (approx) appointment where various vascular and sensory tests will be undertaken as part of the recommended annual check for people with diabetes.  Patients will be advised on foot health and risks associated with diabetes.

Diabetic assessment and treatment (approx 1 hour )    £45

Verruca Initial assessment              £25
An assessment will be made of the lesion(s) and treatment options will be discussed. Depending upon various factors, an initial treatment can be included in this first appointment.
(Additional charges may be made depending upon treatment choice e.g. chemical therapy/ Cryotherapy)
Follow up Verruca treatment                £ 20

Thickened and fungal nails              £28   OAP disc£25
Unsightly or painful nails can be reduced with an electric file for an immediate improvement.
Management options will be discussed
Additional charge for diagnostic testing of fungal nails £9

Supply of specialist dressings/appliances/medicaments   £2.50 to cover costs  

Home Visit        From £30

These are limited to certain days and times and are really intended for patients who are house bound